Leases - Tenant Legal Services

If you have reached the stage in your business when you are looking for your first business property – congratulations!

If you are growing and looking for your next business premises - welcome!

Either way, you will be looking for a solicitor to review, negotiate and complete the new lease of the property with a minimal amount of fuss, to a timescale you need and at a cost you have agreed. 

The lease needs to protect your interests so you don’t have to worry and you can get on with running your business.


Commercial leases are typically long and full of legal jargon.  We will explain the legal process so you know what is going on and what you are signing. 

We will agree with you at the start a fixed price so there are no surprise bills. 

We will ask you how you would like to be contacted and how often you would like to be updated. We prefer to update by email but we are happy to update by text or telephone if you prefer.


We have drafted and negotiated many commercial leases of many different types of commercial premises, we understand what to look for and common pitfalls for tenants.  With your instructions, we will negotiate problem clauses so you end up with a lease that you understand and that protects your interests.  We are commercial and does not over negotiate minor clauses for the sake of it which can hold up transactions.

We will review, negotiate and complete all ancillary documentation for a fixed price that can go together with the grant of your lease such as licences providing the landlord's consent (licence to alter, change of use etc) and rent deposits.

We are responsive and will keep the transaction moving so that you know when we are expecting to complete and you can move in.  We will identify issues tailored to your business and we like to develop long term relationships with our tenants so we can help them in the future.