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Business Development - Networking Tips.

What do great networkers do?

1. Great networkers give first, sell later. They give time, focus and attention to the people they are speaking to.

2. When someone helps them, they show gratitude.

3. If someone approaches them for help - they respond with sense of urgency and obligation.

4. They build knowledge about other people, business and needs.

5. They like people and spend time keeping in touch with people.

6. They know that first impressions count - they dress professionally, show interest, don’t talk about themselves, listen, relax and they appear confident.

We can all learn to be better at networking. How?

1. Relax - take some breaths.

2. Speak clearly - listen.

3. Approach a group confidently - "Hello, do you mind if I join you I’m Jo from MBC and introduce yourself to the group

4. Approach an individual confidently - "Hello, I don’t think we have met, I’m Jo from MBC.

5. Think about a short, interesting way to explain what you do and who you are - tell a story about what you do.

6. Always ask for their business card first - before giving yours.

7. Show you are serious about getting to know them - follow up and arrange a 121 to learn more about them and what they do.

Give it a go. See what happens.

26 February 2021

Jo Rayner

Consultant Solicitor


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