Commercial Law Services

I advise SME's on your day to day business. No two companies are the same and no two days are the same as a commercial solicitor. One day I may be drafting a contract for your next big deal, the next day drafting terms and conditions for your website. I resolve your legal issues and create the right legal framework for your business. 

All contracts from the receipt of heads of terms to completion routinely prepared, negotiated and/or reviewed (including non-disclosure agreements, agency agreements, franchise agreements, simple or complex framework agreements, consultancy agreements, supply of goods and/or services agreements, distribution agreements and many more).

I routinely prepare, review and negotiate:

  • Commercial contracts - your contracts set out how you operate, what you expect and how you get paid.  Professionally drawn-up contracts are essential for maintaining professional business relationships and preventing future disputes. A well drafted contract could help you avoid expensive future litigation.

  • Existing contracts - review of clauses, termination, variation and advising on the consequences of these.

  • Standard terms and conditions for your company setting out the precise way you operate which you can rely on for every standard deal you make.

  • Website terms and conditions, defining how visitors may use your website and limiting your liability; privacy policies, explaining how you will collect, store and process personal data; cookie banner (if required).


I’d love to hear more about your business, get in touch for commercial law at and see my typical costs.

Commercial Real Estate Services

I have extensive experience in negotiating and managing real estate projects, and can provide you with the expert advice you need whether you are: 

  • a landlord renting out commercial premises; or

  • a tenant looking to take out a commercial lease; or

  • buying or selling or developing commercial land (including contracts conditional on planning and option agreements with or without overage provisions).

I have particular expertise in negotiating commercial leases for landlords and tenants, and experience including: estate management, renewals, agreement for leases with fit out works, preparing rent deposit deeds, licences to alter, licences to assign, subletting; varying commercial leases and negotiating the terms of a new lease.

Commercial property transactions are complex. 

I break down the process and explain all the key points highlighting pitfalls which could cause costly problems later. I suggest alternative wording if you’re not happy with the terms and finalise the paperwork quickly, with the minimum of fuss. I give regular updates, so you know what’s going on, you won’t have to chase, and all for an accessible price.

I’d love to hear more about your deal, get in touch for commercial real estate services and see my typical costs.

Dispute Resolution Services

I negotiate and resolve disputes. Sometimes a call or letter from a solicitor is all that is needed to narrow the issues.  I advise on the commercial merits of pursuing the case as sometimes it can end up costing more than you are likely to recover. A fixed fee may be agreed for an initial review of the paperwork including a summary of the issues and a letter before court action.

Please note I do not conduct litigation, and should you require this I can refer you to a colleague within the My Business Counsel network (please see About for more details).

In-House Legal & Law Firm Support

I provide you with a flexible resource (subject to availability) to act as an extension of your team, liaising directly with clients and work remotely on your system or ours. This works well when you need an extra pair of hands to carry out due diligence or cover short term holidays. Let’s discuss what you need:

If I am not available or you require more than one solicitor or a solicitor specialising in an area outside my expertise, please do get in touch as My Business Counsel have a network of solicitors who may be able to help.

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Jo Rayner is a Consultant Solicitor practising with My Business Counsel, which is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. SRA ID 562609.  My Business Counsel’s Terms of Business can be accessed by clicking here.

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